Why ?

To save our planet of our consumerist habits and its consequences

We care about the environment. We care about people.


We want to preserve our planet in a for humans liveable state.


To do so, we must become aware of our consumerist habits, the waste it produces and the recources it demands.


And act on it!

How ?

By telling a story.

And because we are not great speakers, narrators or debaters…

we will tell our story through design.

We are not great speakers, narrators or debaters. We are designers. Design is our way of telling stories.


Design is also a good medium to convey a story. Design is popular nowadays. Design has a broad audience. Make a story beautiful, and people will listen.


The story of sugar rush confronts people with the short lives of most of the stuff we buy. It confronts users with the waste we produce by involving them directly into the process.


By designing an usable object which whole lifespan; production, use, and waste, is visible within one space, we force people to face their choices. We magnify and visualize the ‘designed to fail’ concept, which is already omnipresent in our world.

The production, use, waste sequence is in economical terms a linear model. A model, which in the long term will not benefit our planet as well as our economy. A circular model is based on a zero waste principal. Where normal products would end life, circular products are resourced and made into new products. Our product is recourcing the produced product a producing the same product.


We present our story on the most important fair for the furniture industry: Milan Design Week. Here we have a chance to influence designers, consumers and producers.

What ?

By creating a coffee table made of sugar and inviting visitors to use and abuse these tables.

Atelier 010 is making a product, which is designed to fail.


Within the setting of a coffee bar we supply a part of the furnishing: coffee tables made of sugar. Several of these tables are made available for the guests to use.


The table is design to fail with the first minutes our hours of use. When somebody spills a drop of hot liquid on it, it simply melts. It melts a hole, or melts the whole table.

The broken down tables are swiped together, the parts are then crushed into small crystals again and reused for producing new tables. Production, use, resourcing and again production are all done within one space.


Atelier 010 has developed this table in collaboration with the Technical University of Delft.